You are in the middle of the greatest love story you've had in your life. You know all the random details of how you met, remember all the highs and lows of your relationship, and now you are gearing up for a big turning point in your journey - your wedding day.

As a wedding videographer in Philadelphia, I help couples like you - you know how one-in-kind your relationship is - who view their wedding video as a way to honor that story and connect it with friends, family, and your future selves. 

I do this through getting to know you before the wedding and what's important to you, and approaching your wedding day as not a checklist of moments we have to capture but finding little moments throughout the day that have the biggest impact.

This is your great romance.  Let's tell your love story.



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Wedding Videographer in Philadelphia

"Next time someone asks how we met I’m showing them our video because it tells our story better than I ever have by myself."