I never imagined I'd be filming weddings for a living.  When I started in 2012, I just thought it was a way to justify buying some fun video gear.  Now, I absolutely love everything about helping couples tell their story through their film!

For me, filming a wedding is about catching the little moments that truly communicates who you are, what makes you tick as a couple.  I've gone from being engaged, to married, and now a dad to two awesome kids, and I try to my own experience to make sure I'm getting all the moments for you that I know you'll want down the line!

It's so important to me to do what it takes to tell your story in the most impactful way.  Weddings are once in a lifetime events, and my promise to my couples is PGP Wedding Films will give you 110% to make your wedding last more than one day!



It's been an absolute honor to be the wedding filmmaker for so many couples in the Philadelphia area, and I can't wait to film so many more!

I've been shooting and editing weddings for PGP Films since May 2018. I've been born and raised in Delaware, living here most of my life until I moved to Nashville, TN for four years. I attended Watkins College of Art and fell in love with all aspects of filmmaking! I was even lucky enough to have been mentored throughout my college career by the man who edited Toy Story himself, Robert Gordon. 

After graduation, I moved back home to Delaware and promised myself that no matter what I end up doing, it would be film related. I came across the opportunity with PGP Wedding Filmsand fell in love with it the very first day. 

Filming weddings gives you a unique opportunity as a filmmaker to find creative, captivating ways to tell every couple's story. The best part is, every couple and every wedding is different, allowing us to tell a new story each and every time.


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Filming weddings made me realize just how impactful your filmmaking can be for people. It allows everyone the chance to star in their own movie on the most special day of their life. 

Tell me about your wedding!