How Your DJ Creates an EPIC Wedding Reception with Must Be the Music DJs | Say Yes to the Best

May 12, 2020

In this episode of “Say Yes to the Best”, I talk with Mike Simmons of Must Be the Music DJs all about how he works with his client to create an EPIC Wedding Reception. Mike dispels any myths that it’s just playing music. “Good entertainment is probably the biggest thing to have your wedding run smoothly and everyone have a good time”, Mike says, and I completely agree. Mike makes the point that while a good DJ may cost a little more, you’re really saving money you already invested by making sure that all of your guests don’t leave an hour before the end of your reception! Beyond the amazing job Mike always does and how great it’s been to work with him as a wedding videographer, he’s the first person I’ve had on the show that I hired for MY wedding! He was my wedding DJ and my wife and I were absolutely thrilled with his work! It’s been really cool for me to get to know him professionally and really see all the reasons why I’ve always liked working with him so much! Connect with Mike online: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @mustbethemusicdjs Watch new episodes of “Say Yes to the Best” every Tuesday here on YouTube! Connect with the show: E-mail: Website: Facebook: Instagram:


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