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Find Balance for Your Reception with Wired Up Entertainment | Wilmington, DE | Say Yes to the Best

June 30, 2020

My guest this week, Joey Zahn of Wired Up Entertainment, made an amazing point, but a simple point, so I put it before the opening of this episode. “Everyone goes to a wedding wanting to have a good time”. Very obvious, right? But what does that mean for you, for your friends and family who want to dance, and for your friends and family who aren’t dancers? Joey talks about finding the balance for your reception in this episode of Say Yes to the Best. Making the perfect reception isn’t just plugging in a playlist and hitting play, but really making sure that every moment is memorable. “Every second has a dollar amount attached to it,” Joey says, “and we are responsible for that”. If you want to know what goes into making an epic reception, this is the episode for you!

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