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July 7, 2020


I sat down with Kristen Schott, the editor of Philadelphia Wedding Magazine. She talked all about the theme of their upcoming issue and goes on to give encouraging advice for couples who are trying to navigate wedding planning during this COVID-19 pandemic. She discusses the content that this issue will have, from small backyard weddings to different venues that are allowing outdoor micro-weddings. Wedding venues that provide an inclusive experience can virtually give you a hands-off wedding day. With the increasing popularity of backyard and at-home weddings, a lot of that planning is shifted to the couple. This issue of Philadelphia Wedding Magazine gives a comprehensive guide to planning the details of your small wedding day, as well as, examples of vendors that are on their recommended list, for the area.

One of the best pieces of advice from this issue will be how to host a live-streamed ceremony. ZOOM is great, but setting up and making sure the details of sound and video quality is VERY important for these types of videos. Make sure you check out this issue of their magazine for all the tips and tricks for planning your COVID-19 wedding!


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