Bridal Makeup During a Pandemic | Interview With JKO Beauty | Philadelphia, PA | Say Yes To The Best

August 18, 2020


Jennifer is the own of JKO Beauty, which she started way back in 2016. She is a published and licensed cosmetologist with over 23 years of experience in her pocket. Jennifer is incredibly talented and shares her brides values of looking and feeling like themselves on their wedding day. COVID-19 is new to Jennifer but making sure her makeup kit is sterilized from person to person is not. She discusses that professionals learn from the beginning about cross contamination and the prevention of any bacterial infections. Jennifer mentioned the key to keeping safe distances, especially while a makeup artist is work and a hair stylist is doing, for example, a blow out. Keeping a good distance is going to be important with all the air being blown around. Primarily, this is YOUR wedding and with all the photo’s and videos it’s important to have those key artists in your corner. Especially right now Jennifer talks about how much of a blessing it feels to have a chance to be, safely, surrounded by our loved ones, just for that one day.


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