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How to Pick Your Wedding Music with The Honey Badgers | Say Yes to the Best

January 14, 2021

How do you want your guests to feel while they are at your wedding? So much time is spent on figure out flowers, and decorations, but the music you choose for your wedding goes a long way towards setting the vibe of your wedding day.

In this episode, I talked with Michael & Erin of The Honey Badgers about their experience providing live music for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and even receptions. They talk a lot about how their specific style creates a homey feel and how they can customize what they play to your tastes.

Check out the Honey Badgers on Apple Music, Spotify, and everywhere else!

Here’s where you can connect with them, and their website is a great place to start to find how to listen to their original music or reach out to them for your wedding.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

We will be going live on the Pennsylvania Wedding Facebook page on Thursday to answer your music questions with Michael & Erin at 7:30 PM!

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