2021 Makeup & Hair Trends

2021 Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends | JM & Co. | Say Yes to the Best

June 22, 2021

In this episode, I talk with Jackie & Mabree of JM & Co., a Philadelphia Hair & Makeup team, all about 2021 wedding hair and makeup trends! In the episode, we talk a lot about how the pandemic has affected the looks brides & bridesmaids are going with, transitioning from different seasons as well as navigating multiple weddings, both large and small!

Jackie and Mabree also talk about how they make the process easy and relaxing for you on your wedding day! Specifically, they talk a bit a bout how there can be a lot of stress about getting your hair and makeup ready in the morning, and how they can ease the process and turn a wedding day chore into something fun!

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