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How to Write Wedding Vows with the Art of Etiquette | Say Yes to the Best | Wedding Planning Advice

July 13, 2021

The moment you say your wedding vows is SO IMPORTANT! As a wedding filmmaker, the words you say to each other makes such a huge impact in the film I can create for you, but how do you write the vows that will make your partner and guests laugh, cry, and really feel the love between the two of you!

I talked with Mellisa of the Art of Etiquette, as she recently posted a ton of amazing tips on how to write your wedding vows on her Instagram page. She shares some of her tips here, as well as her own experience with her weddings.

The Art of Etiquette offers really quality vow books (with new lines for guest books and more coming soon!)

Mellisa was kind enough to share a discount code, so if you want a really quality book to write your vows, as well as save them forever, definitely check out this link!

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