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Write Wedding Vows That Wow Your Guests | The Vow Whisperer | Say Yes to the Best

August 10, 2021

Most of us are not Shakespeare – so writing your wedding vows may seem like an incredibly daunting task!

Enter Tanya – The Vow Whisperer! She helps couples communicate their love in their own words so that you can feel confident when you are standing at the front of the aisle.

In the episode, Tanya talks to me about why writing your wedding vows is so important, some of the roadblocks that stop people from doing so, and how important practicing is!

If you want Tanya’s help in writing your vows, check her out online:

Website | https://thevowwhisperer.com/

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/thevowwhisperer/

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/thevowwhisperer

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