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The 3 Most Important Things To Look For in a Wedding Videographer

May 3, 2023

When it comes to hiring a videographer, there are a lot of different options out there, with varying prices and skill levels. With camera technology these days, beautiful images should be a given – and with that, what really differentiates one videographer from another? Here are the three most important things to consider when you choose your wedding videographer.

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Wedding Film Style

Every videographer has their own unique style, which is reflected in the way they shoot and edit their videos. Before you choose your wedding videographer, take some time to look through their portfolio to get a sense of their style. Do they tend to use natural light and capture candid moments, or do they prefer more stylized shots with dramatic lighting? Do they focus on capturing emotions and storytelling, or do they prioritize showcasing the beauty of the location or event? Make sure that their style aligns with your vision for the final product.

I think the best way to tell if the films align with your vision, is just to try to see how engaged you feel in what you’re seeing. Do you feel like you want to know more about this couple, or are you looking at the play bar hoping it’s almost over so you can move on? If you want to really see more of a couple you don’t even know…you’ll probably be even more invested when it’s YOUR story on the screen.

This film is an example of our style at PGP Wedding Films.


While visuals are important, audio can make or break a video. With nothing to back this up, I’ve always assumed it’s because you can easily shut your eyes and not see, but plugging your ears with your fingers to avoid bad sound only blocks out so much!

There’s a variety of audio & ways to capture audio on the wedding day. When you’re watching a wedding video, try to note what you are hearing. Are you only hearing music the videographer added? Are you hearing the formal moments, like toasts and vows? Are you hearing natural audio from more impromptu moments? And which sounds would you want to be part of your wedding video?

As you choose your wedding videographer, make sure to ask your potential videographer about their audio setup and what kind of microphones they use. Do they use wireless lav mics to capture clear dialogue, or do they rely on the camera’s built-in microphone? How do they handle ambient noise and other audio challenges? A skilled videographer should be able to capture clean, high-quality audio that enhances the viewing experience.

hagley museum wedding
Audio plays an incredibly big role in your film, so making sure moments

Videographer’s Personality

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of personality when choosing a videographer. You want to work with someone who is professional, easy to communicate with, and who you feel comfortable around.

For many couples, the idea of being the center of attention with both videographers and photographers taking photos and videos all day feels like it will be intimidating. From what I’ve seen, your focus will be on each other and the people you love most, and you won’t be thinking about your photographer or videographer nearly as much. That being said, we are with you most of the day, and you want to know that the people you’re with on the most important day of your life are people you will enjoy being around. Taking the time to chat with your videographer can give you an idea if your personalities are going to be a good fit together.

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Feeling comfortable with your wedding videographer helps you feel relaxed and in the moment!

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and like other types of filmmaking…there’s no take two. The best way for you to ensure that you’re going to get a film is that you want to hire the right person in the first place and put your trust that they have the experience and skill to tell your story in an irreplaceable way.

If you like my film’s style and the audio you hear in it, reach out on my contact page and we can schedule a call to make sure our personalities are a fit too!

Cover image: Jenn.jpeg Photography

Second image: Check out our film at Hagley Museum in Wilmington, DE.

Third Image: Lydia Joy Photography


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