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Spring weddings in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are some of my favorites to film for a variety of reasons. Personally, as a baseball fan, Phillies’ spring training games on TV just bring me out of my winter doldrums (and I personally think Opening Day should be a national holiday). My filming season really starts […]

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Sometimes, it’s the unknowns of life that cause us the most anxiety. Weddings are no different. (What if the weather turns? What if a decor piece arrives late?). But with the right vendor team, you need not worry. It’s our job to alleviate your concerns, fulfill your needs, and make sure your day is a […]

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Watching another couple’s wedding video may make you start to wonder if you, too, should write each other personal vows. While it’s entirely up to you and your partner to decide how personal you want to be, I always recommend including at least one personally written and/or spoken element in your day and your film. […]

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