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Why Spring Weddings in Philadelphia Are Amazing for Wedding Video

March 15, 2023

Spring weddings in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are some of my favorites to film for a variety of reasons. Personally, as a baseball fan, Phillies’ spring training games on TV just bring me out of my winter doldrums (and I personally think Opening Day should be a national holiday).

My filming season really starts with spring, and I truly love capturing spring weddings. Here are some of the reasons why a spring wedding isn’t just a great decision for your wedding day, but why it really lends itself to a beautiful wedding film.

Beautiful Scenery

Philadelphia is known for its beautiful parks and gardens that come to life in the spring. From the vibrant cherry blossoms in Fairmount Park to the blooming flowers at Longwood Gardens, the scenery in Philadelphia is breathtaking in the springtime. These backdrops create a stunning visual element for wedding videos.

One of my favorite reasons is the additional color it can add to your film. Here in Philadelphia (and in the mid-east in general), there typically is a lot of green between spring and when the leaves turn in the fall. So those beautiful blooms give your film a wonderful pop of color!

Some of my personal favorite spring wedding spots in Philadelphia and nearby are the 18th Century Garden in Old City, the Art Museum (and really the whole Museum district), and the Race Street Pier.

Shot in the 18th Century Garden in Old City Philadelphia. Watch the full film on YouTube

Comfortable Weather

Spring in Philadelphia is generally mild and comfortable. The temperature is perfect for outdoor weddings, and the air is fresh and pleasant. This weather allows couples to enjoy their wedding day without worrying about sweating or freezing.

How does that relate to your film? Well beyond the happiness of your filmmaker, you won’t have video of your teeth chattering in the cold or sweat dripping down your forehead in the heat. Being comfortable just allows you to be comfortable in front of the lens!

Spring wedding in nearby Lancaster, PA. Watch the full film on YouTube.

Ideal Lighting

Springtime often offers the perfect combination of bright sunlight and clear skies, which can create a lovely soft light for filming. During the summer you have more time for harsh mid-day light, and in late fall and winter, the amount of daylight is so much shorter.

The timing of sunset also puts “golden hour” (the hour before the sun goes down with the most beautiful light of the day) typically at a great time to sneak some beauty shots in between your ceremony and reception. In the summer it happens later and you may have to sneak out of your reception to get those shots, and in the winter it can be far too early.

Spring wedding in Pennsylvania. Watch the full film on YouTube.

You can have an amazing wedding at any time of the year, but spring in the Philadelphia area is truly an amazing time for your wedding. If you are having a spring wedding and still need a wedding videographer, be sure to reach out to us today!


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